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we have similar names. cool cool cool. 

BBBest names.

Normally I only comment when I've played a game, but I'm going to assume this ones a 10/10

You'd be correct.

When trying to open it on mac it says: The program "Game" cannot be opened. Is it not working or am I doing sth wrong?

I've heard this issue can be because of OSX's unzip features changing permissions and thus causing errors. If you change unzipping utilities that might help.

Thanks a lot, using another unzipping program worked!

Great, thanks for letting me know - that helps!

Youre welcome :)

Really like the effort gone into the renders and voice acting. Will be dropping pateron bucks once I can to get the fuller version.

Thanks very much, that's kind of you to say! And in fact I'm getting ready to do an early Patreon release for May because I've got a bunch of new content ready to go. :)

when is a new version coming up?

In the free version? Well, I'll put out a new version once I've finished the Shizu story (that will happen in a few days, but it'll be for patrons at first) then once I've got some other updates out so I can put out the free version.

I like to have some new stuff for patrons, of course, but I also like to make the public releases fairly big updates with complete parts of the story, that have been thoroughly tested, to minimise the stress that comes with putting out public updates.

The new update (Nobuko) dozen't let me load a saved game? any tips?

Sorry about that; some of the technical changes I've been making recently have made the game incompatible with old saves. You can skip the introduction to speed up gameplay again, but I'll also have another technical update out some time soon that will have better skip options allowing you to quickly get your progress back to where you were.

is this game includes femdom?

No, not really - it's more of a male dom story.

How to install this game on Android as there is no apk file?

You're right, I should have taken that version down, sorry about that.

So there is no Android version?

Not at the moment, no, it doesn't work.


stuck on the loading screen after day 2 morning talk with the girls... mac version

Strange - if it was working fine up to that point then it should still keep going. Have you tried it a few times? It might just work eventually.

ill keep trying it to see if it eventualy works

getting the same problem - devtools shows this message: 

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'error' of null
    at t.get (ENGINE.js:1)
    at t.pause (ENGINE.js:1)
    at ENGINE.js:1

Does it happen at the same point - the day 2 morning talk with the girls?

Yes. I’m having the same problem. 

This might be to do with the latest update of the Mac OS, I'm afraid. Some people have reported that since that update the game won't even open.

How do i run the game on the android version ?

Honestly, I included that because people requested it and I had the option to do an Android export in this engine, but I don't really know how it works, sorry! :D I'll have to take some time to test that one day.

Nice start!

At several points, screens stop responding to mouse clicks. The only way to regain control is to click on "Menu" and click back.
The ability to get back to the main screen (to view collectibles and quit the game) from within the game would be nice, and I assume scene replays will be implemented at some point?

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, I do plan to make a scene gallery, and I also plan on improving the UI, so hopefully when I do it will address your issues. (That's waiting on the engine getting patched, sadly.) I haven't seen any problem with screens not responding to mouse clicks before, though. I'll take a look at that.

will there still be updates coming out for this game to go into the other characters or are they already out but just on another site?

Yes, there will be updates coming out as I make public releases. :) I do a build for Patreon backers every month and that's ahead of the public build, (Nobuko's story is in the game there) but the public build just comes out once I'm ahead enough to confidently release a completed section of the game.

thanks so much for responding and thanks for the game i really like all the characters and the story ill definitely be checking daily for any updated :)


Thanks for saying so, I'm glad you're interested! I'd say the next public update won't come until January or February, though, but it will be a fairly big update when I make it, because it'll have Nobuko's story.

sorry, my games stuck at this loading screen after go back to appartement for the first time


That's a bit of an annoying stability bug that's been cropping up for some people, I know. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't - I'm working on trying to fix it, but it's a little hard as I can't replicate it myself. When I get it sorted I'll upload a patched version.

In the meantime I've heard some people fix it by simply trying again several times, but I can't guarantee it.

I like the characters :) Will be waiting for more updates

Glad you like them ;)

I installed the windows version, but when I tried to start it opens but the game screen is just dark like that 👇

That error is very unusual and I haven't seen it before. I'm not quite sure what's causing it but the best suggestion I can make is to either go to your C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Pervert Action Timelapse folder and delete it.

If that doesn't work then try downloading the HTML version, which also works on PC.

Kk I'll try that. Thanks for the reply

I tried it and it worked . Just finished playing it was really good, when's the full version coming out

i download it, then it jumps to 'install'.. then I click the install button aaand.. I feel very ignored as it does jack shit from that point onwards :'(

I was on holiday when you posted this so I didn't see it. What were you installing? The game doesn't come with an installer and you shouldn't need to do that.

Attempting to download brings "This download is hosted on an incompatible third party website"


Hmmmm indeed.

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HIIIIIIIIIIIIII, thanks for the game. ish

Download isn't conpatible with the desktop client